A. Ka


A. Ka is a great many things... an artist, an illustrator, a writer, a trivia buff, a lover of MST3K and sleeping till noon. It’s a shame that those things don’t pay very well, but she also designs websites to make ends meet.

As a Seattleite, she can be found in various coffee shops, brooding over a laptop and consulting with other artsy types about the viability of her fantasies. (Though she’s actually from Salt Lake City, which is a far brighter and far less pretentious place.)

Isaac the Fortunate is her first novel. It’s big enough that she’s kindly split it into six parts. Someday you may also read her short stories in one of those fancy-pants sci-fi and fantasy magazines, if they give up this rude game of sending her rejection letters.


Her Books:

The Paradox

An Illustrated Series by A. Ka

The Nameless...

The Innocent...

The Lost...

The Damned...

The Oblivion...

Nothing makes much sense anymore, not after people muck with time a little too much.

What does it all mean? What—or who wrought the Delirium and the demon who brought it forth? Or are such paradoxical deeds beyond mortal comprehesion, so much so the world itself can't handle the confusion?

Whatever the case, the Keshet family isn't letting this world end anytime soon.


Three Books:

Isaac the Fortunate

An Illustrated Novel by A. Ka

Isaac and his wife did things once...or twice...or thirty-nine times, way back in the Sixteenth Century. Important things. Amazing things. Unfortunately history doesn’t remember their brilliant deeds. Such epic forgetfulness happens when one drinks a potion that turns back time.

As wonderful as erasing history could be, Isaac and his wife had a mission—to stop the Delirium, a supernatural plague that endowed its victims with an insane, paradoxical knowledge. Oh, and it killed them, too. That was the bad part, all the death.

Of course, two people couldn’t save the world on their own. Isaac and his wife needed help. But the helpers they found weren’t so aware of that fact. Complications... arose.

A serialized novel in six parts:

The Winter

(Isaac the Fortunate: Part One)

An Illustrated Novel by A. Ka

Beltran had humble ambitions—to farm his land, to grow his family, and to live fruitfully with his wife, Amaranta. The winter of 1553 had different plans. After a crippling famine, unbearable storms, and a devastating plague known as the Delirium, the winter had taken everything dear to him.

Then, through the backhanded kindness of a mysterious traveler and her time-obliterating potion, he got everything back.

His salvation is the beginning of his problems, as he discovers just how stubborn history can be. Greater forces are at work. The more Beltran learns about the circumstances, the less he understands—especially when it comes to the traveler and her inept husband, Isaac. In their quest to stop the Delirium, she and Isaac won’t let anything, or anyone, get in the way of their senseless plans.

Beltran fights for his simple life, his love, and his future... again, and again, and again, even when he finds nobody on his side, not even his dear Amaranta.

158 pages ~ Paperback and eBook

The Spring

(Isaac the Fortunate: Part Two)

An Illustrated Novel by A. Ka

Eostre has had a tumultuous existence, living in poverty until her drunken father fell into Lake Lucerne and drowned. She joined a convent, hoping for some direction, or at least a place to sleep and a meal every day. She’s a quick study, but she finds the cloistered life frustrating and downright boring. The nuns don’t appreciate her capriciousness, either.

Her discontent is least of her concerns when a plague known as the Delirium arrives and begins killing the entire abbey. And the worst part? People keep dying one moment, then pretending to be alive and well the next.

Maybe Eostre is the insane one, but reality itself seems to be sick, unable to decide the proper course of history. Fleeting visions and nameless spirits visit her, urging her to choose the fate of the world, as if she has the power.

But… how? And, more importantly, what the hell is going on?

125 pages ~ Paperback and eBook

The Summer

(Isaac the Fortunate: Part Three)

An Illustrated Novel by A. Ka

Esteban is a quiet man. He has a lot to say, but as a Moorish slave living among the Spanish conquistadors of Peru, he needs to hold his tongue. Besides, Alvar de Belalcázar, Esteban’s malcontent master, protests enough as it is.

Alvar's silver mines have been bleeding laborers, so he hires a company of mercenaries and ventures deep into the Andes to capture more. Esteban is obliged to follow. Little do they know, someone else has followed them on this ignoble task—an aging Inca menace far less compliant to the Spaniard’s strong-arming.

The old man’s hatred is clear, but his motives and his identity are less so, even though he claims to be the rumored-to-be-dead General Quisquis, still bent on revenge for the destruction of his empire two decades before. Esteban sees holes in this story, but Alvar sees the opportunity to find lost Inca treasure, if he can get this so-called Quisquis to talk.

Esteban doesn’t want to entertain these delusions, but soon he'll have no choice, as he faces a hidden terror he can’t even name.

125 pages ~ Paperback and eBook

The Autumn

(Isaac the Fortunate: Part Four)

An Illustrated Novel by A. Ka

Fernando is content with his profession. A man of law and retribution, he keeps the peace in Valencia as best he can, though his temper can get the better of him, and his desires are even more troublesome. His faith and his duty keep him honest and forthright.

The order of his city dissolves when a galleon from the New World crashes on the beach, bringing with it a bizarre treasure and a strange Moor named Khalid. Khalid's preternatural claims of an impending apocalypse defy any logic or mercy, as a plague known as the Delirium erupts in Valencia, killing all it touches.

Fernando, among the few survivors, finds himself hating and admiring Khalid for his god-like wisdom. He craves the order Khalid can bring in the wake of destruction, but Fernando's unsettling memories and fleeting nightmares won’t let him submit to Khalid's prophecies of the World to Come, no matter how true they prove to be.

But Khalid knows all of Fernando's secrets, too… and through his deepest desires, Fernando might be persuaded.

188 pages ~ Paperback and eBook

The Rain

(Isaac the Fortunate: Part Five)

An Illustrated Novel by A. Ka

Isaac's life isn't that bad. It's not that good, either. He makes a fair amount of money, working in Venice as a doctor, but he doesn’t receive much respect. And he lives by himself, away from his son and father in Delphi.

He's resigned himself to the lonely life of a Jewish widower until he meets a strange Swiss "lad" who doesn’t care to look or act like the woman she really is. She says crazy things, too, about a potion that repeats time and "The Delirium," a plague about to destroy the world.

Isaac is skeptical of her claims, yet enamored by her cheeky attitude. His family might not find her so amusing, though, as Isaac and the Swiss lad travel from Venice to Delphi, in search of a legendary spring to brew her potion.

Still, she is quite persuasive, and quite beautiful, and Isaac can't resist her requests... no matter how impossible they may be.

125 pages ~ Paperback and eBook

The New Year

(Isaac the Fortunate: Part Six)

An Illustrated Novel by A. Ka

All the threads come together in Aragon, only to be tangled into a giant mess. Something beyond sense has brought everyone together at this place and time; what that something might be, no one can figure out. But one thing is certain—while Beltran stops the Delirium, the rest must fight the demon who brought forth the plague, at any cost. The future of all humanity depends on their inelegant efforts.

Available March 20, 2015
in Paperback and eBook